Propaira Rosacea Prone Skin Trio


Propaira Rosacea Prone Skin Trio

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Demaway Serum, Rosaway Cream & Micellar Cleansing Cream

Rosacea is a common, chronic skin disorder affecting the central face. It is an episodic and variable condition but classically presents as acne-like bumps (papules and pustules), red or pink patches and broken capillaries. The condition is common in people with fairskin and blue eyes who are of Celtic or English ancestry.

The symptom initially noticed is blushing (facial flushing) which becomes more frequent and eventually leads to persistent facial redness which fluctuates in intensity. Small blood vessels dilate and become visible as telangiectasia (broken blood vessels) and the continual or episodic blushing may promote inflammation, causing red bumps to appear which can resemble teenage acne. The cheeks, chin and nose are most commonly affected. Rosacea is more common in women and typically presents between the ages of 30 to 50.

The exact cause of rosacea is unknown. There could be a combination of factors involved including hereditary (genetic), environmental, vascular and inflammatory factors as well as reaction to the demodex mite. 1

Propaira Rozaway Cream and Micellar Cleansing Cream have been designed to target:

  • Facial Redness (Erythema)
  • Visible Small Blood vessels (Spider veins)
  • Flushing and Burning
  • Bumps and Blemishes
  • Dryness, Tightness and Itchiness

 Propaira Demaway Serum

  • Targets mites and bacteria linked to rosacea prone skin

Propaira Skin Force Tablets & Light Tone Tinted SPF50+ Sunscreen are recommended with Propaira Rosacea Products.

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